Complete Your Smile With Quality Dentures in Brentwood

dentures in brentwoodComplete and partial dentures are popular and reliable solutions for missing teeth. Dentures can restore your smile, bite, speech, and confidence. At Parkway Dental Care, our team offers a variety of denture options, including All-on-4®. We work hard to ensure you receive high-quality dentures that are specifically matched to your lifestyle and situation.

Our dentists have years of experience providing quality dental care in Brentwood. It's our pleasure to welcome you to our practice, where our highly experienced team does everything possible to meet your denture needs and expectations. If you're considering dentures to improve your smile, contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Which Dentures are Right for Me?

Dr. Rizvi and Dr. Habib conduct thorough consultations and exams to determine which solution is right for you. We'll also take x-rays to get an accurate view of the dental structures and then make precise recommendations based on your overall oral health. Our team encourages you to share your concerns and goals during your consultation so that we fully understand your needs and desires.

What Type of Dentures Do You Offer?

We have been providing smile restorations with various dentures for many years. Dr. Rizvi and Dr. Habib use high-quality materials that are durable and beautiful for your restorations. We use a trusted and reliable lab to craft your custom dentures.

Our practice offers the following dentures:

Complete Dentures: We use full dentures to replace all teeth in an arch, whether in the lower jaw, upper jaw, or both. Our dentists attach complete sets of ceramic or porcelain teeth to a body-safe base that mimics healthy gum tissue.

Partial Dentures: When there are still some healthy teeth in your smile, we recommend partial dentures as a restoration method. This option fills the gaps between your remaining natural teeth, keeping them from shifting out of place.

Implant-Supported Dentures: We also can complete your smile with dentures mounted on dental implants. We can attach to six or eight implants according to your needs, and they do not need suction, adhesives, or clasps to remain in place.

Reliable All-on-4 Treatment in Brentwood

As a result of All-on-4's effectiveness, we use the procedure to restore the upper and lower dental arches. The All-on-4 procedure uses four dental implants that are strategically placed in your jaw, and then complete dentures are fitted onto them. Since the dentures are attached to the permanent implants, you don't have to worry about them slipping or falling out or having to deal with messy adhesives. We may also be able to use your existing dentures as the dental restoration for your new All-on-4 implants.

As the implants heal, they naturally fuse with your bone structure, making them more stable than even the strongest dental adhesives. Much like other implant-supported restorations, All-on-4 feels and functions like your natural teeth, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods without worry. Additionally, this permanent tooth replacement option helps you to laugh, smile, and speak with confidence. With proper care and oral hygiene habits, All-on-4 dental implant posts can last a lifetime.

What Is the Denture Process?

brentwood denturesThere are several steps to receiving dentures depending on the treatment plan you choose, which may then require multiple appointments to reach your smile goals. The first step is to take scans to create a detailed digital blueprint of your gums, jaw structure, and any remaining teeth. We will send this information to the lab so that your denture is crafted and customized to fit perfectly with your smile. Before sending off the scans, we work closely with you to ensure that your restorations are the ideal size, shape, and color. During your final appointment, we will place and adjust your dentures to fit comfortably.

Gentle Extractions

When you visit Parkway Dental Care, we first examine your bone and gum health to determine if pretreatment is necessary before your new dentures are created and placed. Our goal is always to preserve your existing teeth. However, there are occasions when we may need to extract severely damaged or decayed teeth to restore your optimal oral health. Throughout this process, you can trust us to be as precise and gentle as possible. Your comfort is always one of our top priorities.

Relining, Repairing, and Replacing Dentures

It's common for traditional dentures to become ill-fitting over time because of the changing shape of your gums and jaws due to weight loss, bone loss, or illness. Our team can reline and repair dentures when needed to help maintain a comfortable fit. We also replace old dentures when required to ensure you can enjoy your restored smile and oral health.

Create a Beautiful Smile with Quality Dentures in Brentwood

If you're considering dentures in Brentwood, our team at Parkway Dental Care is ready to help you restore your smile. We're dedicated to giving you a beautiful smile and optimal oral health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team and see how our denture solutions can help you.



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